Success story : Fudgies


Robin Darrel, owner of Fudgies makes mention of the BELfund in an article posted on The exert below highlights the key points made by her.

"I approached five different financial agencies, which each said that they did not provide loans to start-ups. I then contacted a local financial institution, called BELfund, which supports local entrepreneurs and provides loans. As well as giving me a loan of EC$12,000 (€3,800), Belfund visited me once a month to ensure that the financial side of my business was running well. They checked my record-keeping, and made sure that my accounts were balancing and that I was making a profit. The loan enabled me to refurbish my processing space, purchase equipment and open my first shop in Grand Riviere. I now produce about 250 boxes of fudge per month."

Please follow this link for the full article.

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